Aboriginal Armadillo

A LLC in the time of COVID.


To find novel applications of our core skills to change the world.

Sounds cringe, right? Our interests change over time and we're always seeking the highest impact application of our skills to our interests. Think of us like a holding company of side projects. If we start updating the website more frequently maybe we'll come up with a better mission statement. In the meantime, we're not looking for investors so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Electric Elk

Electrik Elk

Cars are bad for the environment, bad for human health, and dangerous. Electric Elk is a for-profit organization on a mission to get as many of them off the road as possible. Their plan: develop commuter friendly upgrades for e-bikes and e-trikes.


OpenAI warned that the GPT2 Algorithm could be trained and used to create a never ending torrent of garbage blog posts and thus destroy the internet. So we took them up on it. We finetuned GPT2 on some environmentally friendly blogs and it turns out there is a bit more to it than just content. We're working on the details; in the meantime feel free to read some eco-positive content by bots for bots.

Star Trek Chat Bots

Star Trek Bots

These generative chat bots are inventing new content in response to what you say to them. They did this by watching all of the episodes and movies... over and over and over...

Chicago Bikelanes

License Plate Recognition
As A Service

Our team built and donated a license plate recognition as a service feature for a Chicago non-profit which maintains a database of user submitted bike lane infractions. Our service will reduce the burden of manual plate entry on the maintainers of the project.


2638 W Belden Ave. (Suite 3), Chicago IL


Coming Soon